#readingeveryday 2

For #readingeveryday and link Today I dedicated 15 mins to read documentation or pym python book.

#Readingeveryday Day-1

I have been having difficulties in making reading a habbit so my friend Jason, introduce to something which is called #readingeveryday challenge to start reading here is the link. So this post and goes to that today is the day 1, rightnow as I am starting I am reading 15 min a day. Being a slow Reader I was able to read 6 pages of the book which I am currently “Think and Grow Rich” by Napoleon Hill.

Reading Habit

I am trying to develop the habit of reading. Recently while going through #dgplug summer training, there have been discussion about having a habit to read. You write 1/10th part of what you read. Reading and writing both is considered to be one of the most important part of engineer. So trying to follow above I started reading books still non-technical but as a first step I did start. I do a lot of technical reading, but I never write about it so one of the task is to start writting about technical readings be it github projects I am going to try to write about it.