The Coin Weight Problem

The problem resolves around find which of the coin is uneven in weight of all other coins. Suppose there are around 8 coin out of them one is heavy/light then others and we have one scale where we can compare two things

The Fizzbuzz Problem 2

Last time I had stopped optimizing this the problem more because we were having a discussion where string concatination is a costly opperation. So yesterday I was talking with Nishchay how can about the previous blog and other things at that point we started on optimizing this further avoiding string contactination as well.

First and Last post of 2020

2020 2020, has been amazing year by far. Have experience so much this year which is unbelievable. Although I have not written anything then these two lines. But this would a memorable year in lot of sense. Cheers, Happy New Year everyone, Happy 2021