The Man Who Stole My Laptop's Ferrari

So, the story goes back to 2014-2015 maybe I don’t remember exactly when my laptop stopped working on later finding it was discovered the issue was with my onboard graphics card. A brief history I had a Sony Vaio laptop with AND Radeon graphics card on it. So, it was found that it was my graphics card which is creating issue. So, I took it to many people to check what can be done this that.

Javascript uses utf16 and Html utf8, then how things work together?

This was part of one the discussion of dgplug discussion, that javascript uses utf-16 and html we usually use utf-8 as character encoding then how things work out. This was quite intresting on how things work around because of this. So I was reading around to find answers for the above question and I landed upon this. And this text from the answer in the link helps understand how things work.

Update 17 Jul 18

This update post was actually created on 10th july, But as ususal due to some x reason it is not yet complete. There are several things which are running into my life right now out of them on is to update this blog on regular bases to get align with things. Pending Posts This blog came to life again due to dgplug summer training where we were taught to write blog post about things you are doing or learning(PS: I am yet to read logs to that class :p).