More information about git log command

As part of home task part 2, we were asked to read about git log command. So this blog post is dedicated to that. To get more info about git log command I had gone through Git pro book available at From this book I had followed chapter to study more about git log command. When git log is used without any argument, it displays all previous commits in reverse chronological order.

Introduction to Git and seven rules of great Git Commit Message

As part of summer training at #dgplug, Sayan took our basics to Git session. We were introduced to basics of VCS(Version Control System), need to use a VCS and introduction to Git. These were some of commands we learn during the session conducted over the course of two days, git init is used initialize Git repository 1 $ git init git config to used to configure various Git configuration using below command one can configure their Name and Email globally for Git.

Birthday Week 2019

So another Birthday gone as-usual. Although I am not a big celebrator expect last where we had a trip to Rishikesh on my birthday PS: I am yet to write that post. My celebration to birthday most part has only dinner with family. We go to a fancy hotel have some food and come back. Its almost like this has become a tradition to celebrate birthday this way. This post was to be published on 19th May, instead I am writing now because of my laziness I don’t often write due to fear of writing or fear of making mistakes while write.

#readingeveryday 2

For #readingeveryday and link Today I dedicated 15 mins to read documentation or pym python book.

#Readingeveryday Day-1

I have been having difficulties in making reading a habit so my friend Jason, introduce to something which is called #readingeveryday challenge to start reading here is the link. So this post and goes to that today is the day 1, right now as I am starting I am reading 15 min a day. Being a slow Reader I was able to read 6 pages of the book which I am currently “Think and Grow Rich” by Napoleon Hill.