Bloging from mobile

This is the solution test for the question how to create static site generator blog from mobile with an ease this is a test post of everything works out a how to post is comming down soon. kudos, bye

Finally HTTPS

Well, GitHub started providing HTTPS even for custom domain, So I had to enable that plus there were some internal changes which were required. Which I had done. Its been almost two years since I have bought this domain But I have been away from blogging. I had setup this a good time ago using Hugo and a cactus theme still have been struck the same place not able to write what I want or I should say not able to give to write what I want.

Hasura Product Development Fellowship

Hasura Product Development Fellowship So Introduction to Modern App Development(IMAD) was one of the MOOC that is was recently part of as the title says it was basic introduction to app development where we learnt several things including node, git, Android app development, Mac app development, etc. The fellowship was offered to the top students from the IMAD course(I was one of them ;). The fellowship is all about learning how to make your own product as it is developed in the industry following development process starting from deciding about the idea then prototyping then data modeling and so on.