One follow etiquette about several things in life but rarely people talk about resignation etiquette.

Internet is one of those tool in the world which is boon and curse to people depending upon how you use it. It is great tool to get different perspectives over any problems by reading, listening and watching. Recently I have been reading about Resignation etiquette, after reading I decided to write down my thoughts on it, such that it could be helpful to someone.

PS: I am still a very novice writer so there are can be profound mistake here. I am still learning sill growing. You may or may not agree with what I say here please don’t take me wrong.

Standard time

I feel in corporate world two weeks is the standard time for any course of action. In this time frame, management can meet and talk about all general affairs, people’s management, decision about promotion/demotion. So for any action you should give at-least two weeks of time, rest depends upon your situation.

Discussing problem with your manager/line manager/MD/CEO

There are times people resign due to some small problems like designation, salary, type of work or such small things which are easily solvable from management. In this case it is always better to discuss these before giving resignation, after talking if the solution can not be achieve in standard time then you can go ahead with your resignation. But you should not give resignation without dicussing this smaller issue. Sometime it is right time to move to another company for your own goals and everything if thats the case it is okay to go ahead.

Your manager should not be surprise with your official resignation mail

Your immediate manager should not be surprise with your resignation mail. It is good practice to inform them informally once before sending it. What ever your relation would be they are still your manager and they should be informed informally.

Once you have send resignation you should not take it back

As it is said you should be a person of your word. You should not take back your resignation. If you are in an environment where the things you deserve or desire or problems you are solved after putting resignation then you should leave that place asap if someone can’t recognized your efforts while discussing it, they would continue to do so in future as well.

Do not let your friends/colleague know that you have resigned un-till it is officially declared

I am still skeptical about this but it feels after official when you have given resignation you should not talk with friends. Usually this is open topic and eventually everyone knows. When people start knowing about the it then you can inform your close colleague.

PS: Usually your friends from office are someone who would know about this but your close colleague wont.

Do Give Notice When Possible

Normally every company has their own notice period policy. It ranges from 1 to 3 months in India. Ideally you should serve atleast 2 weeks of notice period or it depends upon your company policy. There is always or in most cases a point in your job description about early release by paying some financial loss to your company this is usually related to your salary.

If you feel leaving early is something that cannot be avoided then you should go with that option.

Do not leave with hate

People tend to live company with hate, fights and bad words which is last thing you want to do where you have worked for so long. It is always good to leave on happy face, you should not complain about a person, manager or company itself find a polite words for the words you want to say.

Delete all personal files/emails from your office pc/laptop

Ideally in your office pc there should not be anything personal but over time when you have been a place for long term some things make space in your office pc. You should clear/delete all these before giving notice. Sometime this happens where a company would ask you to leave on same day when you give your resignation. You should be ready for that, In such situation what ever you are feeling you should leave with happy face.

Last but not the least, do not burn bridges. You may never know with whom you may work again in life so it is better to always end on positive note