This update post was actually created on 10th july, But as usual due to some x reason it is not yet complete. There are several things which are running into my life right now out of them on is to update this blog on regular bases to get align with things.

Pending Posts

This blog came to life again due to dgplug summer training where we were taught to write blog post about things you are doing or learning(PS: I am yet to read logs to that class :p).

  • Although I was thinking to update this as regularly as much as possible even before the training started I had planned to write down as many as things possible starting from the birthday post. I am yet to write that which would be up soon.
  • I need to coverup summer training so this time I don’t get leave behind many.
  • One of the biggest confusion I have is about my career, as of now I am working as Front End Developer but I think I can’t do that for whole life moreover I don’t want to. I remember my college when I was not even aware about properties of body and div:P
  • My competitive coding is also left behind, because of all the things around and me. I should work on that to asap tp get things align.