So, the story goes back to 2014-2015 maybe I don’t remember exactly when my laptop stopped working on later finding it was discovered the issue was with my onboard graphics card. A brief history I had a Sony Vaio laptop with AND Radeon graphics card on it. So, it was found that it was my graphics card which is creating issue. So, I took it to many people to check what can be done this that. Everyone was like your laptop won’t work or you need to do this and that. So, a friend of mine had a friend who was into laptop/computer’s business or something of that sort. So, he said let’s talk with him after inspecting he said it would cost around 6k, and it would be done. I was happy, I was not knowing much about hardware back then (although it says same even today but I know bit more). So, I gave him my laptop to get repaired.

So, when I got my laptop back I boot it up and was shocked to see that my processor is now Intel P4 which use to be Intel Core i5. So, I called the guy he said in Hindi and I quote “Bhaiya apko galat dikh rha hoga ek baar restart karo sahi dikhega”. I was like I know that much come-on. So, I went to his office he was like show me laptop. Then he called his repairmen saying have we changed processor for the laptop. His repairmen were like no I haven’t I have just changed motherboard and fit same processor and everything. And he added although I had seen this laptop was open previously may be someone had changed the processor during that time. And I was taken aback.

So, a man stole my laptop’s Ferrari and I don’t know who he is.