Hasura Product Development Fellowship So Introduction to Modern App Development(IMAD) was one of the MOOC that is was recently part of as the title says it was basic introduction to app development where we learnt several things including node, git, Android app development, Mac app development, etc. The fellowship was offered to the top students from the IMAD course(I was one of them ;). The fellowship is all about learning how to make your own product as it is developed in the industry following development process starting from deciding about the idea then prototyping then data modeling and so on. The whole fellowship is divided into an 8-week program, which was offered in two batches May-Jun and Jun-Jul batch.

This is around 5-6 week running and because of several problems with my laptop and several office stuff, I am kinda running late. One of the reasons for being late is also this blog(yes wired right! read along). I have created several blogs before or I should start and never care to look at it. Being Software Engineer or I just said Computer Science Graduate I wanted my blog to be hosted and completely managed my me so that I can tweak and detail to smallest as and when I want to. So this blog is created using hugo. I wanted to create a complete my own theme but it was taking more time than I has thought so here I am using an enhanced cocoah-eh theme. I am changing theme according to my requirement may be I may release it someday when I am satisfied.