So finally blog is up again I have thinking to making this up long time and finally I have yay. Well I did purchase the domain in last august, I am using hugo static site generator and currently I am using customized version of cocoa-eh theme. What I like about this theme is its very simple, plain, I don’t like more fancy stuff and I could customize it as per requirement. Although I need to work a lot on this to make it more awesome and release cooca-eh-eh :-D (You never know).

Initially I was thinking of using medium or blogger as the way of creating the blog, then I thought I needed a self hosted blog(Being geek). I had many options for using several different things like Jekyll, Hexo, Hugo and many more. I have used jekyll before and so with a desire to explore something new I am hugo for this. The awesome thing about hugo is that its really fast plus, there is no installation require for using hugo its just a executable(exe) file and we are done replace the exe file the newer file and we are done with update. Still there are several things that I need to learn about hugo and I would be doing that for sure.

After being in web/front-end development for a while and making several website’s, now I have good amount of knowledge about SEO, page load, things to keep in mind etc. all this would be helpful in this blog.